About Me

Since the 1990s I have travelled through more than fifty countries accumulating an extensive personal archive of images and materials.

My love for travelling and passion for photography contains a large variety of images, urban & natural landscapes, streetsceneries, architectures and people. For hours I explore the environment, taking constantly and spontaneously pictures. Or sometimes just sitting in cafés and watching people. If not using my camera, I take sketch book notes.

My Photographs are for real and if not specifically mentioned, only cropping & toning are applied and manually created photocollages. All photographs on Acrylic Glass, Canvas, Fine Art Paper, Direct Print on Aluminum Dibond
are signed and limited editions of 10 + 1 Artist Print.

As you realize my work title have their own system to catalogzise my images. For the first time in saving my images to an external hard drive I used the IATA 3-lettercode (or sometimes city names, like NYC), image number, sometimes a title, month and year... that's why you also see the same system, in alphabetical order.

For a few years I wanted to give my photographs more artistic form. So I started using my photographs as a base to create mixed media styles. These works include cyanotypes (an early photographic technique) on metal and paper, screen printing, acrylic painting, lithography, phototransfers, frottage, and encaustic art. It is so much fun being creative and to be able to Mix and Match!!!

Each Artwork is original and unique 1/1.


  • C.A.R. Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen 06.03.-08.03.2020
  • ARTe Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden 25.09.-27.09.2020
  • PHOTO POPUP FAIR No7, Düsseldorf 06.11.-15.11.2020


             Freie Kunst Akademie Augsburg  
             Kunstraum Mainz

2020 - Rainer Kaiser (March + June 2020) - Andrea Rozorea (June 2020)


  • Rainer Kaiser
  • Petra Ehrensberger


  • Rainer Kaiser
  • Ines Hildur
  • Petra Ehrnsberger


  • Rainer Kaiser
  • Andrea Rozorea


  • Rainer Kaiser

2009 - 2018

  • Petra Ehrnsberger

Past Exhibitions

  • ARTe Wiesbaden 2019
  • Wiesbaden Rathaus International Women's Day 2019
  • Oiling Antiques,Central Hong Kong 2017
  • LSG Sky Chefs, Frankfurt
  • Plana Küchenland, Wiesbaden
  • Dr. Anna Becker, Wiesbaden